Circle School

Circle School was founded in 1990 for the purpose of providing spiritual and religious education on the basis of perennial wisdom. It initially had an Internet presence of its own. For those who may have the original site bookmarked, please be advised that it is no longer active, and the activities of Circle School have now been integrated into, where the most current information is available.

Circle School, Core Spirituality Institute, and are activities of Circle of Mysteries, which is incorporated as a nonprofit religious organization (church) in the State of Iowa. Circle of Mysteries is dedicated to practicing perennial wisdom as universal mystical spirituality in daily life. It is a fellowship grounded in spiritual companionship and dedicated to progressively unfolding perennial wisdom within oneself, as well as to total living in togetherness with all.

Perennial Wisdom, expressed in the testimony of the world's mystics and the teachings of its masters, is the core spirituality of humankind. Since perennial wisdom is structured in the very nature of consciousness, it is available experientially to all who pursue it sincerely and earnestly. Circle of Mysteries takes the scriptures of all religions and the wisdom of all sages, saints and seers as its own. Circle School offers spiritual education to all regardless of affliation, as well as formation leading to ordination in universal ministry based on perennial wisdom. Circle School is dedicated to fostering the teaching and practice of core spirituality as the ancient religion of humankind.

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